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"Are you finally ready to stop the conflicts in your relationships, reduce the stress in your life, and connect deeply with those you care about?"

In my new eBook, The Peaceful Power Process™- Stop Conflict, Improve Communication, Be Empowered!, I will walk you step by step through my PROVEN process to end the conflict you've been experiencing in your relationships, allowing you to connect more deeply than you ever have before.

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Dear Friend,

You’ve imagined what it would be like to have a close intimate relationship where you can speak freely and be heard and understood.

You have the best intentions, you don’t want to argue and fight, you just want peace and harmony… BUT, the struggle continues, and sometimes you choose to just stay quiet to avoid one more argument.

And YET, You KNOW it can be different.

You KNOW it is possible to have a loving relationship. You KNOW you have a desire for peace and harmony. You KNOW that you want to feel loved, heard, and understood, and you also want to love, listen and understand.

You would love to have that kind of relationship where all of your needs are met easily and with care, where there would be mutual respect and understanding, where you could feel the relief of knowing that you can have a conversation about what you are feeling inside without worrying that it will turn into another argument.

But you don’t know how.

Maybe you can still remember how easily you communicated with each other in the beginning..and you are wondering where did that easy communication go?

You want to open up. You want to reach out, but then, that old fear comes up again… You’re afraid that if you start the conversation it will turn into the same old fight.  So you decide to just wait. And you keep quiet…again. And another day goes by without having the conversation.

When you keep quiet to avoid conflict the conflict is still there, but it becomes an INNER conflict.

And so by staying quiet to “keep the peace”, you’ve also given away your power.  And that is no way to live an authentic life, or to enjoy an authentic, powerful relationship.  Because by nature you are powerful!

My friend, difficult conversations are just that, difficult.

I once heard someone say that your level of success in life is in a big part due to your willingness to have a difficult conversation.  But, believe me, NO ONE enjoys a difficult conversation!

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I can remember coming home one day with the most beautiful mirror.  I couldn’t wait to hang it in my house.  But I couldn’t find a hammer.  I had the nails, I had the hook, but no hammer.  So, I decided to just grab a shoe and bang the nail into the wall with that.  Well, the nail kept going in crooked, at a weird angle and the hook would not accept that.  If that wasn’t frustrating enough, I ended up damaging my shoe as well.  All I needed was the right tool and this task would have been so much easier.

Are you ready to stop delaying and start taking the step towards making difficult conversations less difficult?

The Peaceful Power Process™ is the tool you need.

“Straight-forward and to the point, if you are ready to stop the conflict, get your needs met, and connect deeply, the Peaceful Power Process is for you.”

Bruce D Schneider, Founder, iPEC Coaching, and Author, Energy Leadership, Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life, From the Core.

The Peaceful Power Process™ is not just another information product….it is a TRANSFORMATION PROCESS.

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And it is straight forward and simple.

In this short, succinct, eBook we’ll use YOUR specific situation and experiences and I will guide you step by step through The Peaceful Power Process™ to a resolution. We’ll develop an exact plan to resolve your conflict and to begin creating powerful emotional connections.

While working through this process you will discover:

  • The amazing value and wisdom you have at your fingertips and how to access it instantly
  • Why you may not need what you think you need, and how to know the difference
  • The miracle of your emotions and feelings, and how to know which feelings are valid and which ones are not
  • How to identify the 2 different types of energy, and why the one you are exposed to most often is probably the one damaging your relationship
  • How to tap into the energy that heals relationships
  • Four “Magic Words” that can open doors and hearts in almost any situation
  • How to make an educated “guess” that will help a conversation be easier, even if you’re dead wrong!
  • Why teenagers often get labeled as “rebellious” and what you can do to quickly change that dynamic

After you work through The Peaceful Power Process™ you will no longer fear and dread the thought of having a  difficult conversation.

“The first thing that went through my mind after reading Cindie’s Peaceful Power Process was “Why didn’t I read this sooner?!”
If I had read The Peaceful Power Process a couple of days earlier, I could have saved myself an unpleasant miscommunication with my husband. Cindie’s insightful step-by-step process walks you through the vital subtelties of communication and sheds light on how to say what you mean in a way that is, well, a Peaceful Power Process.
Moving forward armed with these powerful tools, I have been able to express my concerns and thoughts to my husband in a way that clearly gets the point across in a non-confrontational and sincere way.  Thank you, Cindie!”
Kirsten Nelson
Author & Professional Mother

Who I am and Why I know my process can help you…

My name is Cindie Chavez, and I developed this process for you. I wasn’t always a fearless communicator.  Not at all. You see, I was married for 23 years, and that relationship ended in a not-so-nice divorce.  And looking back I can honestly say that the clear culprit was a total communication breakdown. I know the pain of broken communication, of staying quiet to avoid a conflict, of going without getting my needs met because I was afraid of starting a conversation that would turn into a fight. And I know the pain of a relationship broken beyond repair because of  not having the right tools in time to fix it. After my divorce I was sure of one thing, I was sure that I did not ever want to be in a relationship again that didn’t have open, clear, honest, communication.

I was determined!

I was determined to learn everything I possibly could about communication and healthy relationships. And I learned a lot, in fact I enrolled in one of the top coaching schools in the world and became a certified professional relationship coach (CPC). I worked hard and I read hundreds of books, took workshops, taught workshops, and did all the hard work to get my certifications… …but the thing that I believe qualifies me to bring this process to you more than anything else I’ve done, is that I’ve lived through the same communication struggles you are living with now! I am determined to help as many people as I can to resolve conflict, reduce stress, and create strong, powerful, emotional connections with those they love.

Are you ready?

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Now….Fair Warning…This is NOT your typical hundreds-of-pages-of-philisophical-self-help-relationship book. This eBook is formatted like a workbook. (I admit it! I am a workbook junkie!)  I created it so you could print it out and write within the spaces provided.  (and if you prefer not to print, you can open a word processor or a notebook.) And although I am a student of philosophy, I decided to put together a workbook for people who wanted to end the conflict, connect deeply, and philosophize later. It is succinct, straight-forward, simple, AND….

it works like MAGIC!

“The Peaceful Power Process is one of the most elegant communication models I have ever come across…And, it works!  A family party was headed for some members feeling left out and hurting. I used the Process to bring people together before the celebration. Thank you, Cindie.  It worked like a charm.  Everyone had a good time and I got to enjoy all the smiles and hugs I wanted.”

Pat Becker,

  • Imagine being able to talk to your partner or spouse about what you are feeling inside without fear of judgement or anger
  • Imagine being able to have a conversation with your teenager where you both feel heard and understood
  • Imagine being able to talk to your boss, or your employees, about what you need, without fear of their reaction
  • Imagine living the dream of a close, open, honest, easy, powerfully intimate relationship

This reality is not far away at all…

You simply need the desire (which I believe you have if you’ve read this far), and the right tools…

Begin the Peaceful Power Process™ today and you’ll be using the tools tonight, it’s that simple. And it’s up to you. Are you ready to make the choice for

  • Better relationships
  • Easier communication
  • Less stress
  • Powerful Alliances
  • Getting more of your needs met
  • Less struggle
And a life with more peace, harmony, joy, love and respect!
Sandra FidelisThe Peaceful Power Process Absolutely Rocks! I used this method to completely shift a tense interaction into one where I felt a sense of compassion and empowerment. Cindie Chavez nailed it with this system because it speaks to a very simple yet incredibly potent truth that is rarely taught. She’s been able to create and articulate a method that can transform any situation or interaction into one of peaceful clarity and power.”
Sandra Fidelis
Author & Lifestyle & Relationship Coach
I know this process works.  I’ve used it hundreds of times in my own life and I teach it to my private clients everyday.
I’m excited to know that you’ll be having easier conversations and getting your needs met more often by using the Peaceful Power Process!

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Try Peaceful Power Process for a full 30 days, 100% Risk Free

Can you tell how strongly I believe in the power of communication to make my life and yours run more easily?
I cut my teeth learning the skills of good communication because I wanted things to go well in my marriage, in my relationship with my kids and in my business.  I began to see that where I was successful in working through sticky wicket situations there were certain principles I applied.
That’s why I was motivated to write this book.  I want you to have these skills, too.  They work!  No two ways about that.  Your life will flow more smoothly and easily when you have the confidence to communicate what you want to say and know how to say it in a way that will empower you to build deep connection and get your needs met.

That’s an UNBEATABLE guarantee.