Are You Finally Ready to Have a Relationship that Feels Like A Million Bucks?

In my eBook, The 7-Figure Relationship™- How to create a relationship that feels like a million bucks!, I will teach you how to identify the exact elements you need to have great chemistry and a relationship that works!

Your path to a 7 Figure Relationship

From: Cindie Chavez, “The Love & Magic Coach”

Are You Finally Ready to Have a Relationship that Feels Like A Million Bucks?

Dear Friend,

You’ve dreamed of having an intimate relationship that feels amazing and lasts forever, a relationship you can settle into, one that gets deeper and stronger and more intimate as time goes on.

You’ve read all of the dating books and blogs, dated plenty of people, brainstormed with your friends on how to find the right partner, joined online singles programs, said yes to blind dates (ugh!), and dreamed of a relationship that fulfilled your desires for intimacy, closeness, romance, passion and friendship…

And yet, you still haven’t found “the one”.

You know that there is a special someone out there for you.

You know it can be different, and so much better than your past relationships.

You know that true love really does exist.

You are so ready to find your soulmate and live happily ever after!

And yet…you seem to end up in the same dead end relationships.

I want you to find the soulmate of your dreams and build

a 7-Figure Relationship…

a relationship that feels like a Million Bucks.

So I’ve put together a package of terrific tools for you.

These are the very same tools that I use every day with my private clients, and now they are available to you, too.

The 7-Figure Relationship Package

A Powerful Package for a 7 Figure Relationship

In my eBook The 7-Figure Relationship you will learn exactly what
you need to create a relationship that feels like a million bucks!
  • What you must be aware of to be ready to create The 7-Figure Relationship
  • The precise reason so many relationships fail (it’s probably NOT what you think!)
  • The ingredient that will radically improve your relationships AND everything else in your life for the better!
  • Why great sex does NOT equal great chemistry
  • Why you MUST have all 7 ingredients and how you will know when you do
  • Warning signs and red flags that you are heading down the road to heartbreak

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The 7-Figure Relationship Package contains:

The 7-Figure Relationship eBook and companion 7-Figure Relationship Workbook

The 7-Figure Relationship work-book will be your companion as I lead you to dig deep and get answers that will show you exactly what it is you need to travel down the easy smooth path to love instead of the hard rocky road to heartbreak.


A 20 Minuted Guided Mediation to Attracting the Love You Desire

Meditation for Attracting Love…a beautiful and relaxing meditation  that will help you to release your blocks to finding true love so that you glow with your own inner love light which is so very attractive! 20-minute guided meditation with gorgeous music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

[mp3 download]


Resolve the Conflict without the Fight!

The Peaceful Power Process Workbook

My proprietary Peaceful Power Process is the process my
private clients rave about!

This system will allow you to deepen your connection in all of
your relationships and teach you how to make those difficult
conversations so much easier.

I will walk you through your specific situation to a resolution

with ease and grace.

You will be able to resolve conflicts, improve communication
and be empowered!

“Straight-forward and to the point, if you are ready to stop the conflict, get your needs met, and connect deeply, the Peaceful Power Process is for you.”
Bruce D Schneider, Founder, iPEC Coaching, and Author, Energy Leadership, Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life, From the Core.

The 7-Figure Relationship Package includes…

  • The 7-Figure Relationship eBook
  • The 7-Figure Relationship Workbook
  • Meditation for Attracting Love
  • BONUS! The Peaceful Power Process workbook

only $47!

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I’m thrilled to bring you this package that will…

  • Show you exactly what you need to create an amazing relationship
  • Help you remove internal blocks to love
  • Give you the tools you need to keep the romance and connection growing and
    deepening through conscious and empowering communication!

These tools have helped my private clients and now they can help you too!

Yes, Cindie, I’m ready to create a relationship that feels like a million bucks!
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Try The 7-Figure Relationship Package for a full 30 days, 100% Risk Free

I bet you can tell how strongly I feel about the importance of having great chemistry in your intimate relationship.
I developed this system because I wanted this type of dream relationship for myself.
I had plenty of years of experience in a marriage that didn’t work, and after my divorce I was determined to never be in such an unfulfilling relationship again.
I painstakingly developed this system using my experience and training. It worked, I attracted my soulmate and together we created a 7-Figure relationship. I want you to have this life changing information, too. These concepts work. No doubt about it.

That’s an UNBEATABLE guarantee.

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Meditation CD includes music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, licensed by